2024 Contest Winner

Homeowner Laura and Jaime C.
Location Chula Vista
Yard Front


Laura and Jaime knew they wanted to conserve water, but still wanted a functional and eye-catching design for their landscape. They planned and worked hard to eventually transform their front yard from thirsty turf into a space that not only required little water, but provided beauty and habitat.

The transformed landscape includes low water use plants such as Kangaroo Paw, Orange Bulbine and Coral Pink Sage, along with various succulents. The yard also features a beautiful Palo Verde tree, which provides nice shade.

Laura and Jaime irrigate their yard using rainwater captured from their fourteen rain barrels. They water by hand to get out into the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of their landscape.

Plants Used

Palo Verde tree; Lavender; Kangaroo Paw; Society Garlic; Salvia Coral Pink; Bulbine Frutescens Orange; various succulents; various ornamental grasses.

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