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2018 Contest Winner

Homeowner Marion D
Location Chula Vista
Yard Front


Motivated by a large water bill, Marion attended the “WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Workshop” classes in 2015 in hopes of learning how to reduce her landscape irrigation.  She applied the knowledge from the workshop classes and began transforming her water hungry lawn into a water efficient showcase. Marion wisely undertook the makeover of her large front yard by dividing the project area in several “mini-projects” to control overall project cost. With the help of her gardener and a niece who is enrolled in a landscaping program at Southwestern College, the project began. The former yard is now a showcase for a variety of colorful drought tolerant plants, succulents and trees artistically separated by pavers and decomposed granite.

Plants Used

Majestic Beauty Fruitless Olive, Red Kangaroo Paw, Crown of Thorns, Blue Fescue and more

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