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2019 Contest Winner

Homeowner Efren N
Location Bonita
Yard Front


Efren’s home had a large front yard, an existing irrigation system that watered grass, some bushes, and some unknown vegetation. Efren had a water bill of close to $200 and decided to stop watering the front yard, and install a waterwise landscape. After attending home improvement events and expos, reading online and following Laura Eubanks for design inspiration, Efren purchased plants on sale in big box home improvement stores, and even small cuttings or succulent giveaways from friends and neighbors. Having a dry river bed was appealing, and became the focal point of the yard. No machines were used, just Efren with a pick ax and shovel. Neighbors would ask, “Why not just hire someone?” Efren just quaintly told them it was an investment in “sweat equity”. Now neighbors  pass by smiling, some commenting that it’s best looking yard on the street. Xeriscaping the yard saved water, beautified the neighborhood, but most importantly is encouraging others that xeriscaping a yard is actually not that difficult and quite rewarding in the long run.

Plants Used

Cactus, succulents, and aloes.

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