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2022 Contest Winner

Homeowner Nancy C
Location Chula Vista
Yard Front


After years of watering to maintain a green front lawn, Nancy C and her husband decided to invest in making their yard more water efficient. Using the Turf Replacement Rebate Program to help offset costs, the Nancy replaced their thirsty lawn with a WaterSmart landscape.

The transformed landscape now includes several flowering plants and shrubs like Lions Tail, Lantana, and Haworth’s Aeonium. The variety of colors is a pollinator paradise with that attract birds and bees. The soil is kept cool by using mulch and Dymondia as an attractive drought tolerant ground cover. Roof gutters drain to rain barrels that supplement the landscape’s water needs.

Plants Used

Lions Tail; Teddy Bear Magnolia; Fire Stick; Kangaroo Paw; Sago Palm; Lavendar; Lantana; Vinca; Russian Sage; Lance-Leafed Coreopsis; Dymondia; Haworth’s Aeonium; Coppertone Sedum; Chenille Plant; Silver Dollar Plant; Curly Jade Plant; Panda Plant; Beautiful Graptopetalum; African Fountain Grass; Central Rosemary; New Zealand Flax; Lemon Verbena; Daylily; Seaside Daisy; Flax Lily; Agapanthus; Gazania; Rock Rose

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