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2022 Contest Winner

Homeowner Bryan & Denee F
Location Chula Vista
Yard Front


The 2,143 square feet of turf Bryan & Denee converted to a drought-tolerant garden in 2015 continues to beautify the neighborhood and save water for the Chula Vista residents. In 2015 they participated in the San Diego County Water Authority’s WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Program to learn how to create and maintain a low-water-use yard. That same year, they were approved for the Turf Replacement Program from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and San Diego County Water Authority. They received a rebate to replace 5,007 square feet of their property. Instead of spray nozzles, a drip system irrigates plants on a programmed schedule of about three days a week. When rain is expected, the system is turned off or delayed for a few days. A dry riverbed captures and directs rainfall, minimizing runoff. Their completed landscape has allowed them to reduce their overall water use by approximately 33%.

Plants Used

Lantana, Agapanthus, Senna, Lavender, Myrtle-Leaf Milkwort, Pygmy Date Palms, Dymondia, Clivia

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