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2017 Contest Winner

Homeowner Allen & Rose W
Location Bonita
Yard Front


Allen & Rose decided to re-landscape their high water-use tropical garden. They removed grass and a half a dozen Queen Palms and King Palms from their front yard. With the help of a landscaping contractor, they designed a natural desert-scape theme with vibrant, colorful water-wise plants. In addition to their non-thirsty and low-maintenance plant palette, the Allen & Rose installed a weed barrier, gravel, and boulders. They also replaced the sprinkler system with a drip system, to water the plants once a month for 15 minutes in the summer and during unscheduled times in the winter depending on weather conditions.

Plants Used

Blue Rose Echeverria, Blue Senecio, Japanese Agave, Jade Plant, Fire sticks, African Candelabra, Flapjacks, Mexican Fence Post, Golden Barrel Cactus, Nopales, Hedgehog Agave, Fan Aloe Vera, Octupus Agave, Brain Cactus, Palo Verde Trees, Various aloes and agaves

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