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2022 Contest Winner

Homeowner Mike & Cathy G
Location Carlsbad
Yard Front


Mike & Cathy’s water-efficient landscape design displays a variety of drought-tolerant plants and succulents that were selected to reduce yard maintenance and watering needs. They installed a drip irrigation system that provides a low volume of water that is healthy for plants and trees while resulting in little to no evaporation. A dry creek bed captures and directs rainfall, minimizing water runoff into the streets that can carry pollutants down the storm drain and into the ocean. “We were just having to water too much with the landscape we had. We wanted to minimize our usage and get drought-tolerant plants. Our previous yard had lots of thirsty tropical plants.”

Plants Used

Aeonium, Agave, Aloe, Cone Bush, Elephant Bush, Sedge, Grevillea, Snake plant, and chalk sticks. See the photo showing the plant plan.

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