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2021 Contest Winner

Homeowner Ken & Susan T
Location Encinitas
Yard Front


Ken & Susan T wanted to create an enclosed patio area to enjoy morning sun and afternoon shade of the front yard of their house. After removing a front yard that was primarily grass, they installed pavers for the patio and a created walkway along the driveway for access to this area. Their desire was also to save water, but not at the expense of having a “lush and colorful” planted area. While it’s not your “typical” drought tolerant landscape, the yard now features a comfortable seating area with water-wise plants extending out to the street.

Plants Used

Tree – Cercis “Forrest Pansy”, Ground cover – Sedum “Little Missy”, Plants – Camelias, Acacia, Zamea Furfuracea, Phormium, Heucheria, pink Salvia, Zephranthes Candida, Rosmary “Huntington” Westringia “Morning Light”, Coprosmia “Tequila Sunrise”, Roses “Iceberg”, Dianella, Gardenia “Vetchii”, Penstemon, Muhlenbergia, Eleganus, Pittosporum

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