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2019 Contest Winner

Homeowner Melanie B
Location Carlsbad
Yard Front, Side & Back


When Melanie moved into her home 30 years ago, the landscape consisted of a large lawn and several pine trees. However, she wanted a more water wise garden that would require minimal maintenance while still maintaining her home’s curb appeal. She started incorporating succulents throughout the property in the late ’90’s, and recently undertook a complete landscape transformation. The new attractive landscape has resulted in significant water savings for Melanie.

Plants Used

Front landscape plants: Arbutus, dasylirion, salvia, euphorbia, agaves, elephant palms, aeonium, tulip tree, bougainvillea, carpet roses, aloes, echeveria, cycads, calandrinia, avocado and citrus.

Courtyard and backyard plants: kalanchoe, aeonium, calandrinia, sedum, euphorbia, alluaudia, golden barrel, crassula, echeveria, senecio, Dracaena draco, hoya, haworthia, citrus, avocados, ferns, schlumbergera, jasmine, lavender, and raised vegetable garden.

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