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2023 Contest Winner

Homeowner Joy
Location La Mesa
Yard Front


Joy’s charming 1925 house on Date Avenue features a tapestry of thriving and inviting, low-water use plants. The landscape boasts a tremendous amount of curb appeal, complimenting the character of the Spanish-style home. Joy’s design includes a balanced mix of shrubs, groundcover, potted plants, large stones and decorative statues.

Moving through the garden, visitors will see numerous wrought iron statues within the landscape, inspiring imagination and life from every angle. This landscape shows how smaller spaces commonly found in front of most residential homes can feel bigger by creating points of interest and utilizing a variety of plants and trees to add color and character.

The yard uses an irrigation system consisting of an efficient drip for the larger plants and tall pop-up sprays for the ground cover. Joy enjoys tending to her potted plants by hand-watering them.

Plants Used

African Daisy, Bottlebrush, Orchid Tree, Blue Fescue, Hebe, Pride of Madeira, Black Acacia

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