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2021 Contest Winner

Homeowner Rosalie D
Location Mt Helix
Yard Back


Rosalie’s bright and textured winning landscape represents years of dedicated passion for gardening and water-efficient plants. The garden is an Asian-fusion theme complete with wooden structures, pathways, rock and vibrant color. Instead of thirsty plants, it uses many low water species that are well adapted for our semi-arid region climate.

The backyard garden did not always flourish as it does today. When Rosalie and her husband bought the house in 1997, a large unused pool filled the backyard. In 2012, Rosalie decided to have the pool demolished and filled with decomposed granite, and adding a layer of healthy topsoil. Now, Rosalie enjoys her backyard oasis on a daily basis.

Viewers can see several rock streams flowing down the landscape into a gravel rock “pond.” The gravel area creates negative space, a concept that allows the eye to rest so visitors can better sense and appreciate the landscape. Keeping with an Asian garden style, the garden includes many meandering pathways, each offering different scenery and views. Rosalie loves to have her friends over and entertain on the patio, where they can all enjoy the views of the garden.

Plants Used

‘Pink Lady’ india hawthorn, texas ranger, coral fountain bush, heavenly bamboo, dwarf red bottle brush, baja fairy duster, marina madrone – showy honey myrtle (melaleuca) , knife leaf wattle (acacia), dwarf Japanese garden juniper, rosemary ‘Huntington Carpet’ – blue chalksticks – sedums, aeoniums, crassula

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