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2023 Contest Winner

Homeowner Marcus and Leanne F.
Location Escondido
Yard Front


Homeowners Marcus and Leanne decided to make the swap to a more water-wise landscape in 2021 when they realized that the efforts to keep their lawn green were wasting water. With a limited budget and no landscape design experience, they started their makeover from scratch, watching videos online to help them figure things out. The sprinkler system that had been watering the driveway more than their lawn was replaced with an efficient drip irrigation line that is set to water twice a week. The dry river bed included in their design works to infiltrate and channel rainfall, minimizing slope erosion.

“Hopefully our DIY project inspires others to join the water conservation movement,” says Marcus and Leanne who now enjoy their beautiful yard and already have neighbors inquiring about how to make the change!

Plants Used

Palo Verde tree, hot lips salvia, purple salvia, pink salvia, fuchsia salvia, bat face salvia, buddhalia, aloes, kangaroo paws, sage, lions tail, red hot pokers, yellow trumpet bush, dinner plate aeoniums, verigated aloe, blue glow aloe, red mountain ice plant, orange ice plant, Santa Rita cactus, barrel cactus, octopus aloe, century plant, mallow, rock purslane, ocotillo, red yucca, emu plant, cordyline, artichoke aloe, slipper plant, lantana, duranta, cactus and various succulents.

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