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2019 Contest Winner

Homeowner Cindy P
Location Escondido
Yard Front


Cindy P is recognized for an impressive transformation of her home landscape, opting for a vibrant mixture of water-wise plants, irrigation system and design. In a period of about 6 months she utilized her skills and new found knowledge after attending a sustainable landscape workshop class and completely overhauled the grass turf. Her vision of colorful flowers, rocks and dry river bed is now in fruition: a swale meanders the front yard, thyme wraps along the edges of the pathway, and salvia, monkey flower, lavender and sage are a festive delight to visiting pollinators and bring about a sweet aroma to this home.

Cindy has made good use of resources made available to San Diego County residents to help her put her plan into action. She attended the (free) landscape workshop class, applied for and received a rebate from the turf removal rebate program, found locally sourced mulch and manure, and now lends her expertise to help family members embrace a water smart approach to their landscaping.

Plants Used

Statice, Bearded Iris, Paper Whites, Daffodils, Tulips, Yarrow, Chamomile, Santa Barbara Daisy, Moroccan Daisy, Sage, Margarita Daisy, Chrysanthemum, California Poppies, Common Poppies, Rock Verbena, Fever Few, Kalancho, Ranunculus, Red Valerian and a Pomegranate tree

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