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2022 Contest Winner

Homeowner Jeanne R
Location Escondido
Yard Front & Back


Jeanne moved to her home in 2019. The front yard was full of weeds and neglect and was baked by the hot sun and car exhaust from the nearby asphalt street. Wanting to conserve water and create a natural low maintenance habitat, she had everything removed and the soil packed down. Jeanne did her own planting and created a colorful water-wise garden to attract butterflies and small birds. At 84 years old, she planted flowers, succulents, small shrubs, and ground cover over three years. Her grandson helped with the large plantings, and he created a natural bird bath from an old tree stump that the birds love.

Jeanne planted colorful heat tolerant plants and clippings from friends and neighbors that require little water and thrive in the heat. She collected rocks and cast-off bricks to make several different beds for my plantings. Her cost has been minimal by being creative and doing most of the work herself. She gets many compliments from my neighbors for turning a once a bleak and barren corner into a water wise habitat for birds and butterflies. Her garden brings smiles to all who pass by.

Plants Used

Magenta Bougainvillea, Leyland Cypress, Creeping Rosemary, Rock Purslane, Sea Lavender, Red and Yellow and Pink Lantana, Giant Yellow Gazania Daisy, Wax Leaf Privet, Creeping Myoporum, Everest Sedge Grass, Lady Banks Pink Miniature Rose Bush, California Poppies, various Milkweed varieties, and many various succulents.

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