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2020 Contest Winner

Homeowner Robin Z
Location Vista
Yard Front


It was important to Robin and her family to be water smart with their landscaping choices during a comprehensive landscape and irrigation upgrade. After taking a WaterSmart Landscape workshop last spring, they used their knowledge to transform their monotone front lawn to a colorful bloom filled garden reminiscent of their favorite European gardens.

Their landscape includes a wide array of drought tolerant plants, such as Red Sage and “Hot Raspberry” Butterfly Bush, which provide year-round blooms that attract butterflies, birds and bees. Vibrant splashes of magenta and coral Geraniums, bright yellow Yarrow, and Russian Blue Sage line the flagstone walkway; clusters of white Alyssum flowers contrast with the bright red and green hues of Aeoniums, Sediums, and Kangaroo Paws deliver a beautiful backdrop for the river rock bed flowing through the yard. They have enjoyed their neighbors stopping by to ask who did the landscaping and compliment the transformation, and Robin acknowledged she “couldn’t be happier” with the results and has already started on the back yard.

Plants Used

3-Trunk Pygmy Date Palm, Various Aeoniums, Blue Glow Agave, Furman’s Red Sage, Butterfly Bush-”Hot Rasberry”, Salvia Gregii-Desert Blaze, Scabiosa-”Butterfly Blue”, Blue Fescue-”Elihah Blue”, Dwarf Olive-”Little Ollie” Montra, Elephant’s Food,various Geraniums, Gardenia-Monrovia Grafted, Grivella-mix,Kangaroo Paw, Woolly Lambs Ear,Lantana, Leucodendron, Lionstail-”Wild Dagger” Butterfly Orange, Star Jasmin, New Zealand Flax-Jester, Pedstemon-”Margarita”, Pink Breath of Heaven, Blue Jean Baby Russian Sage, Sedium-”WhiteTrailing”,Tecoma,various roses, Eremophila, Agastache, Ruellia, Vigoro Achillea Yarrow, Polygala, Vigoro Evolvulus Blue Daze, Kalanchoe Blossfe, Alyssum, Lobelia, Dusty Miller, Alyssum, Monrovia Grafted Gardenias

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