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2019 Contest Winner

Homeowner Deborah B
Location Vista
Yard Front


Deborah replaced her water and maintenance intensive lawn with WaterSmart landscaping to save money, water, and to reduce the amount of time she spent on yard work. Designing her landscape herself, she chose low maintenance plant varieties, such as agaves and yuccas, that grow easily and require little care or trimming. Her design includes contrasting elements, such a cactus, river rock and wood chips, against a backdrop of dramatic magenta, purple and striking orange provided by Sea Lavender, Calandrinia Grandiflora, and Sticks on Fire (also called Firestick). Ms. Brandt transformed a basic lawn into a dazzling array of textures and colors providing her landscape with “year-round colorful contrast of form, shape and color.”

Plants Used

Sea Lavendar, Calandinia Grandiflora, Sticks on fire, Bird of Paradise, Ornamental Grasses – Pennisetum, Pink Muhly, Deer, Pony Tail Mexican Feather, Cactus – Barrel, Pear Fruit, Agave, Brain (Euphorbia Cactea Cristata), Yucca – several varieties, Agave – several varieties

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