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2023 Contest Winner

Homeowner Melanie C.
Location Encinitas
Yard Front


Melanie decided to plant a drought tolerant, water wise yard as she travels frequently and wanted something relatively easy to maintain, yet be beautiful. Her husband and she both love the mountains. In an effort to repurpose the small landscape rocks in the front yard, she was able to create a natural dry stream bed. Her inspiration was to create a water-wise, drought tolerant front yard that recreated their time in the mountains. Melanie and her husband love sitting in their front yard now, watching the many hummingbirds that also love the yard.

Plants Used

Cupresssus “Blue Ice Cypress”, Cercis Canadensis “Forest Pansy Red Bud”, Small dwarf Deodar Cedar, Acacia “Cousin Itt”, Pinus “Dwarf Mugo pine”, Azalea – White and Red, Pennisetum “Fireworks” (tall red grass), Salvia “Amistad”, Acorus “Varigated Sweetflag”, Coast Wooly Bush, Echinacea “Cone Flower”
Calylopus “Texas Primrose yellow”, Penstemon “Sour Grapes”, Grevillea “Mt. Tamberitha”, Creeping Thyme, Trailing Rosemary, Heronsbill Pink, Columbine

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