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2020 Contest Winner

Homeowner Helen Q.
Location Encinitas
Yard Front


Helen decided to install a WaterSmart landscape system mainly to conserve water. She lives on a somewhat large property and previously had lots of grassy areas and planters that required large amounts of water. She also chose to update her landscape to reduce maintenance and for beautification purposes. Since installation, Helen’s water bill has gone down considerably and as an added benefit, she no longer has any grass that needs to be mowed! Additionally, the replacement of grass with faux cement wood pavers added a significant amount of entertaining space, and she no longer has to worry about skin sensitivity and allergies. Hedges were replaced with low water use plants such as Mexican feather grass, succulents, lavender, drought tolerant roses, and rosemary. She also placed bark in all planters to keep weeds at bay. Helen capped off all sprinkler heads and covered them with either pavers, rocks, or bark. For the remaining planters that require water, a slow drip watering system was installed.

Plants Used

Mexican feather grass, succulents , lavender, drought tolerant roses, and rosemary

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