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2020 Contest Winner

Homeowner Leslie R
Location Oceanside
Yard Front


When Leslie purchased her home in 2003, she knew that the yard needed work. She immediately pulled out the previous landscaping and began the process of researching water-efficient designs. All of the drought tolerant plants were carefully selected by Leslie to create a cottage-style landscape, and she installed a drip irrigation system as well as a dry creek bed to add both low growing and high growing plants. Leslie is very happy to have created the colorful, lush and low-maintenance landscape of her dreams!

Plants Used

Salvias, Leucadendrons, Leucospermums, Gaura, Phlox, Euphorbia, Carolina Cherry Shrubs, hydrangeas, Birth Tree, Wildflowers, Cistus Hybrdus, Snowbush, Lavendula Allardi Meerlo, Iceberg Roses, Pittosporum Marjorie Channon, Mesquite Tree, Palo Verde Tree

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