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2019 Contest Winner

Homeowner Janet and Conrad B
Location Oceanside
Yard Front


Janet and Conrad wanted to save water by creating a drought tolerant garden that would also let them enjoy the many beautiful succulents, perennials and flowers of the Southern California region. At first, they had no specific idea of what they would plant, but their creativity and desire to be waterwise helped them shape their design, resulting in a self-crafted, vibrant and whimsical landscape. The couple is happy to no longer own a lawnmower and proud to showcase how a water-wasting lawn can be transformed into a beautiful garden.

Plants Used

Pride of Madeira, Orange Mounding Ice plant, California Poppies, Echeveria, Purpulosa, Lantana, Geranium, Lion’s Mane, Plumeria, Gaillardia, African Daisy, Kangaroo Paw, Shasta Daisy, Angel’s Trumpet, Aloe, Calandrinia grandiflora, Fire sticks, Blue chalk, Dwarf bottle brush, Mexican Primrose, Ganzania, Succulents, Pentas, Cape Honeysuckle

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