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2022 Contest Winner

Homeowner John & Jay D.
Location San Marcos
Yard Front


John and his son Jay removed their excessive and inefficient grass lawn sprinklers and converted to a fully automated Rain Bird drip irrigation system. Buried just below the decorative rock, the new irrigation releases a small amount (1gal/hr.) of water to their new plants. Additionally, they added dry riverbeds on both sides which include new 3″ drainage to help collect run-off from the roof and gutters and reuse the water. An active bioswale was also the feature that set John apart from the other winners.

Plants Used

Blue Agave Americano, Blue Flame Agave, Blue Festuca Grass, Aloe Striata, Dasylirion, Cordyline Australis Red Star, Pink Garlic, Birds of Paradise, Various Succulents

2nd place winner: Davis & Stephanie C.

California has been facing an extreme drought for a long time now. Davis and Stephanie decided to do their part to help conserve water by converting existing turf to drought-tolerant plants. They loved succulents and planted many in pots for years. They decided to use this converted area to highlight the colors and textures of a succulent garden for their new front yard project. In addition to conserving water and saving money by installing a succulent garden, they also benefited from the whole installation process…they’ve met more of their neighbors, they were able to spend more time in the garden enjoying the beauty of nature and had a wonderful family bonding experience in the process.

Plants Used: Aeonium, Agave, Aloe, Crassula, Echeveria, Euphorbia, Graptopetalum Hybrids

3rd place winner: Tania & Tony L.

Tania and Tony decided to install a WaterWise landscape because they wanted a drought-tolerant garden to conserve water and create better curb appeal to make it enjoyable for the people who walk by every day. Their low maintenance yard is full of succulents and agaves and features a cactus garden, retaining wall and a pathway of pavers. They love the blooms and not having to worry about maintenance or watering.

Plants Used: Golden Barrel Cactus, Blue Glow Agave, Agave Parryi, African Milk Tree Cactus, Fairy Castle Cactus, Various Smaller Succulents

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