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2018 Contest Winner

Homeowner Melanie W
Location Santee
Yard Front


After moving to Santee and experiencing the extremely hot and dry summers, Melanie knew she needed a landscaping change. Once the existing turf was removed from the front, she worked in small sections of the yard until the design came to life. In addition to water-wise plants, Melanie added decomposed granite and flagstone to create pathways, and cedar bark in between the plants. She converted the existing sprinkler system to a drip system. These days, the front yard is frequented from morning until night by hummingbirds, robins, fly-catchers, turtle doves, and lizards.  The neighbors enjoy stopping by for a few minutes to take in all of the activity.

Plants Used

Autum Sage (Salvia greggii), Barrel Cactus, Canary Island Rose, Cleveland/Alan Chickering, Cotyledon, Eastern Redbud, Hens and Chickens, Kalanchoe, Kangaroo Paw, Mexican Bush Sage (Dwarf Mexican Sage), Purple/Texas sage, Stone Crop, Sedum Carnicolor, Graptopetalum Superbum, Sedum Nussbaumerianum, Trailing Lantana, Yucca

Honorable Mention: Karen & Brian S
Location: Santee

Karen & Brian removed their entire front yard to create a cool and serene color palette that highlights the amazing native plants that thrive in East County.

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