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2023 Contest Winner

Homeowner Dean W.
Location Carlsbad
Yard Front


Dean renovated his landscape with the goal of having a garden that included low water use plants, efficient irrigation, an environmentally friendly area, an onsite vermicompost bin to produce a rich organic soil amendment, reduced landscape maintenance, and an overall water savings. He also wanted a more stylish usable garden to include a walking path and “sitting” area.

After completing free courses offered by the G3 Gardens Group, he designed the garden and applied to the SoCal Water$mart turf replacement program. With rebate in hand, Dean removed the existing lawn and plants and started his new landscape project.

Envisioning a garden with flowers that would bloom at various times of the year, he followed the principles of water-wise landscape design so that there was unity, various plant forms, different plant textures, and complementary flower colors (yellow and purple). He also wanted to provide a natural habitat for insects, birds, lizards, and other animals.

After laying out and installing a flagstone and a decomposed granite pathway, a dry riverbed was dug, and rocks were placed. Rain gutter downspouts were modified to flow into two 50-gallon rain barrels to reduce run off pollutants and conserve water. Plants selected were drought tolerant and low water users. The final step was to retrofit the sprinklers to drip irrigation and set up a smart sprinkler controller.

Dean’s landscape project was hard work, but the outcome was ultimately very satisfying. His family loves the pathway to a garden bench to sit and have a cup of coffee and watch the butterflies, various birds, (hummingbirds are their favorites), lizards, squirrels, rabbits, and other insects enjoy the garden with them.

Plants Used

Palo Verde Tree, Chaste Tree, Elijah Blue Fescue, Barrel Cactus, Parry Agave, Chalk Dudleya, Salvia Greggi, Westringia, Upright Rosemary, Lilac Vine, Dianthus, Yarrow

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