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2017 Contest Winner

Homeowner Lilia V & Thomas A
Location San Diego
Yard Front


The homeowner attended the WaterSmart Landscape Makeover workshop and decided to let the grass go and transform her landscape to an Arizona landscape by using rocks and ground cover to prevent evaporation and by planting various types of water smart plants. She is enjoying her garden and all the compliments she is getting.

Plants Used

Caesalpinia pulcherrina, Westringia frucicosa, Brugmansia Hybrid – Yellow, Cereus peruvianus, Agave attenuata, Lavandula stoeches otto quast, Perovskia atriplicifolia, Agave geminiflora, Echeveria, Nassella tenussima, Aloe striata, Aeonium “Kiwi”, Senesio Serpens, Spathodea Campanulata (orange)

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